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Erik And Me

Are energy, enthusiasm and creativity missing in your actions?

Is your deeper, more creative potential diminished?

Do you feel that you can do better?

Erik And Me
weekly system

Habit tracker. Growth
journal. Flow planner.

Having a system is what matters. Weekly system is designed to make progress in every direction. Put your ideas to paper, print the PDFs and feel guided in your actions. Register and start using habit tracker and flow planner for free.


Use app (daily log) and weekly system (online tools) together to make one plus one greater than two.


Track daily. Plan weekly. Create effortlessly.

Erik And Me
Features 1/3

Habit tracker

Planning out when and where you will perform a specific behaviour turns your environment into a trigger for action (read more on


Take initiative and responsibility for you best future-self. Register and start using habit tracker for free. Build habits, focus on small wins.  

iPad Habit tracker

Growth journal

Are you still struggling to put self-improvement techniques into action? See potential and be moved by personalised Erik's notes. 


Reflect once a week on your notes by using growth journal. Take time to step back and really think about what makes life meaningful. Score your state of being in retrospect and work out what's essential and important to feel happy and fulfilled. Share your pdf with Erik and get personal in-app inspiration (1 per week).  

iPad Growth journal

Flow planner

Writing down a plan that says exactly when and where you intend to do something, makes it much more likely to actually follow through.


Register and start using flow planner for free. Be selective, work smarter and make the impossible possible. 

iPad Flow planner