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create your concept for living


create your concept for living


Join app and tools together to make one plus one greater than two.


The app works as a scorekeeper - it lets you monitor your ability to put effort into your actions - score daily, engage with your aims.

Ask yourself on a daily basis three questions and score your energy, perception and performance from 0 ("Didn't do anything") to 100 ("Did my absolute best").

1. Did I do my best to feel good (energy)?

2. Did I do my best to see more (perception)?

3. Did I do my best to touch life (performance)?


Tools are designed to grow and change. Subscribe on to get tools.

It includes the energy tool (feel good), the perception tool (see more) and the performance tool (touch life).


1. Open My Tools. 2. Edit energy. 3. Choose habits. 4. Set frequency and modify text. 5. Print PDF. 6. Tick off progress daily.


1. Open My Tools (score 7 times by using scorekeeper to unlock the perception tool). 2. Edit perception. 3. Challenge yourself to create an new conceptualisation > consider your notes and gain insights in moments >> think bigger and give meaning to your actions in drives >>> observe your state of being in retrospective and choose your experience (intenstions/feelings) in focus. 5. Review during the week your PDF to perceive new possibilities and ways to be.


1. Open my tools. 2. Click on performance. 3. Create new project. 4. Think up a name that inspire. 5. Edit performance. 6. Give it perspective > choose direction > be inspired by a deeper feeling >> imagine different levels of commitment. 7. Make it bright > adjust goals (including how to handle setbacks) >> divide project in periods >>> print PDF.